Q1. How can I book a house viewing?

You can simply fill in the contact form in CONTACT section, leave your information and one of our member will contact you very shortly. Alternatively, you can call us at +447763945963 or +447897913455, email us at info@warwickhomerental.com, or add our WeChat account Warwick-Home or Warwick-Home_2

Q2. How much is the deposit and where is will be placed?

Normally the deposit is 4~8 weeks rent. You can choose to put it either under DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme) or our company. If you choose to put the deposit under DPS, it will take at lease 7 working day for you to get back your deposit when you check out; If you choose to put the deposit under our company, you can get it back on the same day or the next day when you check out.

Q3. When should I pay the deposit and rent?

After the tenancy agreement has been signed by both parties, you will have to pay the deposit within one week. After we received the deposit, the room/house will be secured for you. As for the rent, you need to pay it one week before you move in. You can either pay by monthly or pay the full rent in one go.

Q4. Can I get my deposit back if I want to terminate the contract earlier?

You can not get your deposit back if you want to terminate the contract before the contract expire date. But you can transfer your deposit to someone else if you can find a replacement.

Q5. What should I do if something wrong in the room?

You can contact your sale representative and report the problem. Your sale representative will arrange the maintainer to fix the problem in 1 to 2 working days during business hours. 

Q6. Is the area safe?

According to the annual crime rate report issued by Police Office, the whole Coventry is not safe enough. However, we have installed CCTV at the front and back of all our houses, we also put the notice "CCTV on operation" to warm the criminal.

Q7. Is CV license covered in the bill?

We do not have TV license in our property. There is no antenna in and outside of the property. But if you want to watch TV, you can get a TV and connect it with Google Chromecast which allows you to use WIFI to mirror your phone/ipad to the TV.

Q8. What is the speed of the Internet?

We have not tested the exact speed of Internet but all the internet we applied is the fastest option in that area.

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